Viscometers / Heated Falling-Ball Viscometer

Heated Falling-Ball Viscometer Balvis

- Simple in operation
- Easy cleaning
- One calibration for all test-tubes
- Controlled by PC
- Only 1.5ml of sample required
- Compact and lightweight design
- Built-in heating element
- Accurate and fast results

Automatic falling-ball viscometer BalVis is developed to simplify viscosity measurement procedure for every single user. Easy cleaned, accurate and simple in operation BalVis allows to make measurements of dynamic/kinematic viscosity in a short period of time with no special skills required.
Built-in heating element allows to make measurements of very wide range of liquids. Entirely controlled by PC - BalVis has a user-friendly Software interface, which offers many benefits to the operator (saving results, printing, data base making etc.).
file Heated Falling-Ball Viscometer (BalVis.pdf, 1.16 MB)

Viscosity Range

0.3 to 1600 mPa·s (0.3 to 1600 cP)

Viscosity Repeatability

±1% of span

Viscosity Resolution

0.01 mPa*s (0.01 cP)

Temperature Range

0°C to +100°C (+32°F to +212°F)

Temperature Repeatability

±0.02°C (±0.04°F)

Temperature Resolution

0.02°C (0.04°F)

Ambient temperature

+0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F)

- Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics
- Coatings, Paints, Polymers
- Petroleum industry
- Detergents, Soap